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HOOPLA.COM a website where you can play free games, win prizes and support causes you care about, all without spending a cent!

Save your hoops (the points you earn playing games) and donate them to our charitable partners. We'll turn your virtual donation into a real cash contribution to support valuable projects changing lives around the world!

Donate Hoops


On you can play fun games and help people around the world, even if you don't have time to volunteer or money to donate!

When you play free games on you earn points, or hoops, you can save and donate to our partner charities. Your virtual donation is a vote that helps decide what percentage of a real cash contribution goes to each charity.

Donate Hoops


We're proud to support organizations as committed to helping people and changing the world as we are.

Donate Hoops

Take the challenge!

We love empowering people to play it forward and Game for Good. That's why we created a monthly challenge that lets you help decide which charity receives a bonus donation of $5,000.

Direct hoops to the charity of your choice, and, at the end of every month, the organization that comes out on top will get an extra $5,000.

About Hoopla

On you can play games, win prizes and support charities – all for free!


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