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Inspire Transformation ("IT") is creating sustainable social improvement around the globe by identifying and supporting local leaders to establish locally sustainable team and community- based programs which use sport, music, counseling, and other culturally relevant activities as catalysts to bring about positive social change.


Hope for the Nations empowers children at risk to become children of change. HFTN equips marginalized children to become leaders - those who affect positive change within their communities - by partnering with local organizations working within a wide variety of cultural contexts. Hope for the Nations is an international, "boutique" NGO, with UN Special Consultative Status, enabling ordinary people to create extraordinary HOPE in the lives of children at risk.


The Starkey Hearing Foundation is changing the world together with thousands of volunteers and donors by bringing the gift of hearing to those in need globally. The Starkey Hearing Foundation ensures over 50,000 hearing aids are delivered annually with more than 100 hearing missions a year stretching from the U.S. to Vietnam. While on missions, the Starkey Hearing Foundation also brings hearing health awareness and supports hearing research and education in the communities they visit.


Free The Children (FTC) works both domestically and internationally to empower youth to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens.

FTC was founded in 1995 by international child rights activist, Craig Kielburger as he gathered 11 school friends to begin fighting child labour, when he was just 12.

Today, Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner, with more than 1.7 million youth involved in their innovative education and development programs in 45 countries.


IWEN's mission is to raise awareness of the importance of and increase access to education for (primarily) marginalized females, by funding education programs in Nepal, Canada, and other countries.

IWEN Believes that human beings, in particular women, have within themselves the capacity to change their lives for the better if given an opportunity.


Chiropractic For The World Foundation’s mission is to bring the healing gift of chiropractic to the world, while also teaching healthy living principles in the communities they visited. Their goal is to reawaken the truth that the power that made the body heals the body.


There are more than 20 million children and adults who are blind today – but who could see tomorrow. Unfortunately, 99% of them will never receive this surgery and will never regain their sight because they are too poor to afford it.

HelpMeSee is a campaign for the ELIMINATION OF BLINDNESS DUE TO CATARACT for every child and adult who needs it, regardless of where they live or how poor they may be. Cataract is the leading cause of BLINDNESS, suffered by 22 million people.


Founded in 1971, Opportunity International (OI) provides small business loans, savings, insurance and training to over 2.5 million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world. Clients in over 20 countries use OI’s services to start or expand a business, provide for their families, create jobs for their neighbours and build a safety net for the future.


Nearly 30 years ago, when Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) helped launch and pioneer the no-kill movement, over 17 million homeless pets were dying in American shelters. Today, that number is down to around 4 million unnecessary deaths annually – that is tremendous progress, but Best Friends is committed to reducing that number to zero.


charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. charity: water uses 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need.

Right now, 800 million people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in nine of us.


Shine The Light Initiative is a non-profit organization which assists underprivileged people in developing nations by providing free dental clinics, working in cooperation with local doctors to provide free medical clinics and traveling to the outerlying villages where medical attention is most needed, bringing vital medicines, vitamins and health-related products to disperse to the populations.